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Aug 2018

August 18, 2018 WCR

August 19, 2018

Trump Strips Brennan Security Clearance: Will Rosenstein, Mueller, and Weissberg Be Next?; More Revulsion Across U.S. Society Against Would-Be Dictator: Pentagon Rejects Military Parade; Four Hundred Newspapers Counter Attempts to Muzzle Press; Fifteen CIA Chiefs and Scores of Officials Back Brennan; Admiral McRaven Voices Discontent of Military; Omarosa Does Yeoman Service; McConnell Prepares To Pack High Court With Kavanaugh, Eager to Rubber-Stamp Tyrant; GOP Now Has Just One Chance in Four of Holding House; Irrationalism Kills: Italy’s Ruling Pseudo-Populist Bunglers Knew Of Genoa Bridge Weakness In 2012 But Mocked It as “Fairy Tale”; Death Toll At 42