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Aug 2018

August 11, 2018 WCR

August 12, 2018

Pro-Trump GOP Plotting Coup to Install Kavanaugh, Then Oust Rosenstein and Mueller to Impose Trump as Permanent Austerity Dictator Under Russian-Chinese Control; Kavanaugh Lied to Senate About His Role in Bush-Era Torture; Trump Doubles Tariffs on Turkey: Is He Playing Moscow’s Game To Wreck NATO’s Southern Flank?; Boss Tweet In Receivership On Mattis 4 x 30 Program and Russia Sanctions; Judge Ellis Erratic and Undisciplined in Manafort Trial; Charleston “Blood and Soil” Chants Proved “Alt-Right” Is Fascist; Was Russia Involved?; Securities Fraudster Rep. Collins Halts Campaign; Time to Support Democrat Nate McMurray, Popular Town Supervisor of Grand Island in Niagara River