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Jul 2018

July 30, 2018

July 31, 2018

Italian PM Conte Visits White House Seeking to Replace Macron and Merkel; Trump Wants Rome as Pawn Against Brussels and Berlin; Italy Needs Rollback of Failed Post-2011 Austerity Policies; Unstable Conte-Salvini-DiMaio Government as Populist Chop Shop and Clown Car With Marx Brothers At the Wheel; Rousseau Becoming Robespierre; Urbane Italian PM is Front Man for Hooligan Salvini, Depicted by Catholic Press as Satanic For Crimes Against Refugees; Regime Expected to Collapse by September; Alternative to Representative Democracy Turning Out To Be Not Direct Democracy, But Corporate State; 4.1% GDP Figure Inflated By Doomsday Preppers Stocking Up Before Trade War; Cancerous Growth of Debt Derivatives Threatens U.S. Economy