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Jul 2018

July 28, 2018 WCR

July 29, 2018

House Progressive Caucus People’s Budget Features Wall Street Sales Tax; Does Anyone Believe Cooked GDP Figures Supervised by Trump?; Facebook, Twitter, Intel Tremors Point to Hot Autumn for Stocks; Nielsen and Azar Flout Judge’s Order to Re-Unite Refugee Families; Cohen May Provide Prima Facie Case For Trump Collusion With Russia Through June 2016 Veselnitskaya Meeting; Start of Manafort Trial, Emoluments Suit Discovery, Butina Cabal, and Weisselberg Subpoena Top Growing List of Legal Threats to Regime; No More Questions: Embattled Don Cowers in Nixon’s Bunker; Trump Collapsing in Upper Midwest 100 Days Before Critical Vote