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Jul 2018

June 30, 2018 WCR

July 3, 2018

Why Did Justice Kennedy Resign on Trump’s Timetable?; Son Justin Kennedy Directed Over $1 Billion in Loans to Trump As Boss of Deutsche Bank’s Real Estate Capital Markets Unit in 1998-2010, Becoming Bankrupt Hotelier’s “Most Important Lender” According to New York Times; Justin’s LNR Property Reportedly Helped Bail Out Kushner’s 666 Fifth Avenue; Other Son Gregory Kennedy Was Trump Appointee and Member of 2017 “Beachhead Team” of MAGA Wreckers at NASA; Resistance Can Defeat Trump Supreme Court Pick Just As Toxic Ideologue Bork Was Stopped in 1987; Finlandized Trump Programmed to Play Useful Idiot For Putin at July 16 Helsinki Appeasement Summit; Stop Sabotage of Atlantic Alliance!