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Jun 2018

June 2, 2018 WCR

June 3, 2018

Deep State Networks Mobilized in 2015-2016 To Assist Trump’s Seizure of Power, Not Oppose Him; “New York Times” Leaked Hillary Email Probe, Denied Collusion on Eve of Vote; Comey Exploited Pro-Trump FBI Revolt Centered in Giuliani’s New York City Field Office Using Oct. 28 Letter to Quell Mutiny; Trump-Russia Probe Kept Hidden; McCabe Allegedly Leaked News of FBI Probe of Clinton Foundation, Slow-Walked Abedin-Wiener Emails For Three Weeks in October 2016; Obama Administration Ignored Many Warnings and Attacks; Susan Rice Blocked Wallander-Daniel NSC Plan For U.S. Cyberdefense; Mitch McConnell Sabotaged Bipartisan Statement On Russian Meddling