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May 2018

May 19, 2018 WCR

May 20, 2018

“With Friends Like This You Don’t Need Enemies,” Says Europe’s President of Trump!

Atlantic Alliance Splintering Due to Iran Deal Sabotage, Jerusalem Meddling, and Tariff Fiasco: Impeachment Looms as National Security Imperative; Tribe Theory of Impeachment Neglects War Avoidance; Sen. Blumenthal Shows Incumbent President Can Be Indicted; U.S. Counter-Intelligence For Once Serves Proper Purpose By Watching Pro-Trump Adventurers; America Firster Bannon Said To Use Foreigners at Russian-Linked Cambridge Analytica to Foment “Cultural Warfare,” Suppress Black Vote; GOP Austerity and Nihilism Spur Baby Bust: Fertility Rate Falls Sharply to 1.76 Children Per Woman on Trump’s Watch, Lowest in Recorded History and Far Below Replacement Rate of 2.1; Immigration Is Economically Necessary For Human Capital!