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May 2018

May 5, 2018 WCR

May 6, 2018

Trump Splitting Western Alliance With Sabotage of Iran Nuclear Accord and Trade War Against Europe; Is This What Veselnitskaya Wanted?; Trump Camp Boasts of Peace in Our Time With North Korea; Giuliani’s Blather Shocks White House; Signs Rupert Murdoch Is Tired Of Boss Tweet; Catholic League Demands Firing of Ryan’s Chief of Staff as Father Conroy Returns as House Chaplain; GOP Austerity Ghouls Routed as Arizona Teachers Win 20% Raise; Trade Unionists Realizing “Trump is For the Rich”; Republicans Strangling Postal Service in Rural America; Homeland, Designated Survivor, and The Good Fight Depict Hybrid Warfare, Active Measures, and Steele Dossier