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Apr 2018

April 14, 2018 WCR

April 15, 2018

Trump in Delirium, Raves “Mission Accomplished!”

U.S., Britain, France Strike Syria With 100 Cruise Missiles; Chemical Warfare Is Pretext; Moscow Threatens “Consequences,” Hints Russian-Made Pantsir Air Defense System Was Effective Against Cruise Missiles; At UN, Haley Threatens Endless Bombing; Bolton’s Demand For Massive Attack Rebuffed; Deputy AG Rosenstein Does Not Fear Trump, Reports Say; Michael Cohen’s Computer Recordings Seen As Watergate Tapes of Trump’s Impeachment: Did Don’s Fixer Visit Prague After All?; Ruling Kakistocracy Hit Hard by Comey Memoir, First Book by Insider; Alt-Left Mush-Heads In Crisis As Their Lesser Evil of 2016 Unmasks as Warmonger; When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed: Commemorating Abraham Lincoln, Greatest World Statesman of the Nineteenth Century, Died April 15, 1865