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Mar 2018

March 3, 2018 WCR

March 5, 2018

Putin Threatens U.S. With New Offensive Attack Weapons Including ICBM, Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile, and Nuclear Torpedo; Reveals Kremlin’s Greatest Fear Is Effective U.S. Strategic Anti-Missile Defense; American Response Must Be Crash Program For Defensive Orbital Lasers As Basis For Successful War Avoidance; Appeaser Trump Is Silent; Alt-Left Ideologues Belittle Threats; Wray and Rogers Say Trump Has Done Nothing To Protect 2018 Election; Mattis, Kelly, and McMaster Should Recall Napoleon’s Maxim That Dissenting Generals Should Resign Rather Than Become Instruments Of The Downfall Of The Army; King Lear On The Heath As Model For Trump In DC Northeaster Ending Week Of Chaos