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Feb 2018

February 24, 2018 WCR

February 24, 2018

At CPAC Reactionary Confab, Gun Lobby Blames Mass Shootings on Police, FBI, School Security, and Even the American Family (!), While Declining Responsibility for Their Own Abuses; Strident Polemics Likely to Offend Suburban Security Moms; Trump Parrots NRA Demand For Armed Teachers and “Hardened Schools”; Milquetoast Democrats Assailed as “European-Style Socialists”; Era of Extreme Gun Fetishism Started With 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller Decision; Scalia Court Invented Largely Unregulated Individual Right to Firearms While Preventing Cities From Banning Handguns; Intelligent and Outspoken Activists of Generation Z Are Anything But New Silent Generation; Mass Strike Dynamic Re-Surfaces After Winter Pause; Task Now Is to Unite Blacks, Students, Women, Dreamers, Labor Unions, and Democratic Party Activists With Common Economic Demands Into Movement Capable of Contending for Power; Where Is National Resistance Coordinating Committee?