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Feb 2018

February 17, 2018 WCR

February 18, 2018

Mueller Indicts Thirteen Russians and Three Entities For Criminal Conspiracy Against U.S. 2016 Election; Goal Was Chaos, Supporting Trump, Disparaging Clinton; “Putin’s Chef” Seen as Kingpin; Rosenstein Announces Indictments; Stopping Probe Now Tantamount to Treason; White House Lies Refuted by Meticulous Account of Meddling; Focus On “Operation Lakhta” Troll Base in Olgino, North of St. Petersburg; Russia Should Stop Meddling, Apologize Formally, Dismantle Troll Farms, and Punish Those Responsible; Shift In Mass Psychology As Students Terrorized by Florida Shooter Get Angry and Demand Gun Safety From Corrupt GOP Hacks; Two GOP Wipeouts In Upcoming Elections Can Begin To End Mass Shootings; Gun Lobby Vital to GOP Financial Support and Anti-State Ideology; Bipartisanship Fails Dreamers as Immigration Bills Are Defeated in Senate; GOP Extinction Is Only Answer; Will Republicans Run Benedict Arnold for President in 2020?; Recalling Roman History: Horatius at The Bridge