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Feb 2018

February 10, 2018 WCR

February 13, 2018

Trump Hooverized By Protracted Collapse of Stock Bubble; GOP Deregulation and Tax Cut Demagogy Decimated By Stock Losses and Probable Overall Economic Downturn; Explosive Innovations In Derivatives and Leverage Have Made Matters Much Worse; Emergency Re-Regulation Needed, With 1% Wall Street Sales Tax On All Stock, Bond, and Derivative Transactions, Plus Ban on Double and Triple-Leveraged Inverse VIX ETNs; $400 Billion in New Money is Welcome; Dreamers Must Now Get Road to Citizenship; Ash Wednesday Came Early For Parasitical Subjectivists; Italy’s Anti-Immigrant and Russian-Backed “Five Star Movement” Wants To Take Power in March 4 Elections Despite Catastrophic Failures in Governing Rome and Turin; Americans Should Plan Impeachment Houseparties for Presidents’ Day, Saturday, February 17!