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Feb 2018

February 3, 2018 WCR

February 4, 2018

Much Ado About a Nothingburger: Slovenly Nunes Memo Shows That Papadopoulos’ Boasts to Australian Diplomat, Not Steele Dossier, Triggered FBI Probe of Trumpery; Goofy Carter Page Goes From Non-Person to Poster Boy; Zealot Ghostwriter Kashyap Patel Whines About Partisanship; With Informants, Accuracy of Facts Matters, Not Purity of Motives: FBI Runs on Paid Snitches; Time to Extend Umbrella of Political Protection from American Folk Hero Mueller to Include His Flank Guard Rosenstein; If Trump Fires Rosenstein or Mueller, Democrats Must Win Congress in November and Impeach in 2020; Market Break Drives Dow Down 666 Points To End Worst Stock Week in Two Years; Ten-Year Bond Rises, Flattening Treasury Yield Curve and Presaging Major Downturn; Trump’s Political Destiny Now Lashed to Carcass of Sinking Stock Market