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Jan 2018

January 27, 2018 WCR

January 28, 2018

Trump Economic Downturn May Have Started in Fourth Quarter of 2017; Despite Boasts of 3% and Up, U.S. GDP Growth Stagnated at 2.3% For 2017; December Job Growth a Meager 148,000, Weaker Than Obama A Year Earlier; Wage Growth Miniscule; Obama’s 2016 Job Creation Pace of 2.2 Million Beats Trump’s 2.1 Million in 2017; Growing GOP Extremism May Portend Another Government Shutdown After February 8, With Debt Ceiling and Default Crisis Likely Before End of March; Crash of Current U.S. Asset Bubble Will Doom Regime; Trump Davos Speech Thus Based On Pure Hype; Bonuses and Pay Hikes Triggered by GOP Tax Scam Are Wretched Pittance, With Lion’s Share Going to Stock Buy-Backs and Financial Swindles; News Of Attempted Firing of Mueller Last June Puts Obstruction of Justice at Center Stage