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Jan 2018

January 20, 2018 WCR

January 21, 2018

#TrumpShutdown: Federal Government Closes As Democrats Defy Trump, Refuse to Buckle For Diktat on Budget, Community Health, and DACA; Defections From Each Side Balance Out, Leaving McConnell Far Short of 60 Votes Needed; Bernie Sanders: Mitch Needed 60 Votes and Didn’t Have Them, So His Stubborn Refusal to Negotiate Meant Choosing Shutdown; Mueller’s Office Keeps Working; Time to Use Social Media to Make White House, Ryan, McConnell and GOP Hill Thugs Feel the Heat; Al Green Gets 66 Dems to Vote for Impeachment Hearings, Up From 58 in December; Fighting Congressman Pledges To Force Vote Again and Again; After One Full Year of One-Party Rule, GOP Nativists Repudiated as CBS Poll Shows 87% of Public Backs Dreamers; Immigration is Greatest U.S. Strategic Asset