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Dec 2017

December 30, 2017 WCR

December 31, 2017

Trump’s Assertion of “Absolute Right” To Autocratic Control of Justice Department Is Recipe For Abuse of Power and Dictatorship; Formula For Oval Office Model Sentence: Noun + Verb + “No collusion!”; Robert Mueller Is An Authentic American Folk Hero Whose Ouster Would Come at Prohibitive Cost; With Tax Cut Already Priced In, Interest Rates Rising, and Quantitative Tightening Ongoing, Stage Is Set For Collapse of Trump Stock Bubble in 2018; Christie’s Sabotage of Hudson River Tunnels to Please Predatory Billionaire Donors Shows GOP Will Never Take Infrastructure Seriously; New National Security Strategy Incompetent, Lacks Emphasis on Anti-Missile Defense Against All Threats; Impeachment Is Primarily For Defense of Constitutional System; Happy New Year to Our Friends and Listeners!