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Dec 2017

December 23, 2017 WCR

December 27, 2017

Christmas on Brink of Worst Constitutional Crisis Since 1860: Putsch Alert Continues As Trump White House Redoubles Raving Attacks; Intent to Fire Mueller Denied, But Russiagate Is Branded as “Hoax”; More Warnings From Warner, Wyden, Cummings; Schiff Cites Russian Money Laundering and Loan Guarantees; Nikki Haley Must Go After 128-9 U.S. Diplomatic Rout at United Nations (With 35 Abstentions, 21 Not Voting) Over Trump’s Reckless Jerusalem Decree; Her Gangster Methods A Scandal; Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Cannot Stay After Holiday Failures at Atlanta and Dallas Airports, Tacoma Trainwreck; Like McClellan During Seven Days’ Battles, GOP Billionaires’ Toadies Now Forced to Defend Money Supply Line, Offering Vulnerable Flank for 2018; Season’s Greetings to Listeners and Friends!