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Oct 2017

October 21, 2017 WCR

October 22, 2017

Dueling Threats of Nuclear War from North Korean Madmen and Dilettante Pompeo Show Need for U.S. Missile Defense Using Space-Based Lasers; Behind the Tragedy of Four Special Forces Soldiers: Chaos and Terrorism in Niger and Sahel Area of Sub-Saharan Africa Triggered by 2011 Assault on Qaddafi’s Libya, Which Helped Stability for Entire Region; How Trump Regime Misfits Bungled Relations With Neighboring Chad; Kelly’s Mendacious Tirade Against Rep. Wilson Is Dishonorable and Insubordinate; What Is Sacred In U.S. Is Tradition Of Civilian Rule; Reports of @Ten_GOP Depict Party’s Campaign As Potemkin Troll Farm; Russian Splinter Factor Tactics Ominously Identical To Republican Wedge Issues