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Oct 2017

October 14, 2017 WCR

October 17, 2017

After Delphic Oct. 5 “Calm Before the Storm” Riddle and Corker’s Oct. 8 World War III Warning, Regime Going Berserk In All Directions; U.S. Now On Collision Course With Iran and North Korea Amid Reports of New Nuclear Arms Race; Allies Needlessly Antagonized by Threat to JCPOA; Dastardly Betrayal of Americans of Puerto Rico Continues; Midnight Decree Guts Obamacare Cost Sharing Subsidies, Endangering Coverage for Millions; Fraudulent Placebo Insurance Touted as Freedom of Choice by Reactionary Talkers Rushing to Tranquillize Victims; Attack on First Amendment Escalates; Many Left Liberal Mush-Heads Still Clueless on War Avoidance Through Strategic Defense; Barcelona Secessionists Lose Momentum As Puigdemont Stalls