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Oct 2017

September 30, 2017 WCR

October 1, 2017

No “Good News Story”: San Juan’s Mayor Cruz Brands Trump’s Woefully Inadequate Puerto Rico Relief Effort As “Close to Genocide”; Gen. Honoré Confirms Aid Is “Slow and Small”; Urges New Commander To Order Air Drops and Break Rules of Bureaucratic Cost Accounting to Save Lives; White House Losing Contact With Objective Reality as Failures, Scandals, and Crises Multiply; Sen. Nelson (D-FL) Calls For Debt Relief For Puerto Rico, But Interests of Vulture Fund Bondholders Dominate Oval Office; Jet-Setting HHS Secretary Price Ousted For Private Charter Flights That Are Dwarfed By Trump’s Costly Weekend Junkets; Price Was Directing Efforts to Wreck Obamacare by Stealth Sabotage