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Sep 2017

September 21, 2017

September 22, 2017

More Signs of Imminent Russiagate Crisis; How Indictments of Nixon’s Subordinates Paved the Way to His Ouster; Did LBJ’s Lies and Vietnam Tragedy of Fifty Years Ago Contribute to Trump’s 2016 Ability to Dupe Anti-Elitist Voters in Late Middle Age?; Background: 1965 Plan of South Vietnamese Gen. Cao Van Vien to Cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail and Isolate the Battlefield By Building a Fortified Line From the Thailand-Laotian Border Across the DMZ to the Sea; Idea Seconded by Col. Harry Summers and Gen. Bruce Palmer Based on Theories of von Clausewitz and von der Goltz; Germans Need to Vote on Sunday