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Sep 2017

September 16, 2017 WCR

September 17, 2017

Anti-Immigrant Backlash Splinters GOP Regime After Hints of Dream Act Compromise; Veteran Trump Backers Issue Anathemas as Disillusioned Dupes Burn Their MAGA Hats; Democrats Dividing Along Pro-Wall Street vs. New Deal Lines After Debut of Landmark Bernie Sanders Medicare for All Plan Backed By Seventeen Senators; Issue Has Mass Traction Far Beyond Mere Identity Politics; World War Two Era Defense Department Film “Don’t Be A Sucker” Compares U.S. Nativists to Nazis, Highlighting Divide and Conquer Techniques On Race, Creed, Color, Nationality Also Used In 2016 Russian Hot Button Facebook Posts and Traditional GOP Wedge Issues; Beware Another Republican Attack on Health Care Over Next Two Weeks