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Sep 2017

September 9, 2017 WCR

September 10, 2017

Trump-Schumer-Pelosi Package Passes Senate By 80-17 and House by 316-90; GOP Tea Party Extremists Vote No To Flaunt Contempt for American People; Hensarling of Texas Votes Against His Own State; Legislative Crunch Set for Mid-December; Trump Antagonizes Lawmakers Who May Soon Decide His Fate; GOP’s September Sabotage and Extortion Strategy Crumbles as Party Fragments; Recalling British Labour Party Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald, The Turncoat Who Ditched His Own Party in 1931 to Be Figurehead For Tory “National Government” Based on Killer Austerity; Trump Joining Pariah President John Tyler (1841-1845) aka “His Accidency,” Opposed by Both Parties; King Lear on the Heath