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Aug 2017

August 12, 2017 WCR

August 13, 2017

North Korean Crisis Catalyzes Long-Overdue Public Awareness of Anti-Missile Defense, Now in Demand After Decades of Neglect; Trump Continues to Trade Puerile Insults With Pyongyang, While Blurting Out Threat of Military Intervention Against Venezuela; Groveling for Putin Over Expelled U.S. Diplomats is Retroactively Explained as “Sarcasm”; Issue of Unfitness for Office Looms Larger: Former Senator Gordon Humphrey Campaigning to Activate Twenty-Fifth Amendment To Protect U.S. From Trump’s Reckless Behavior; Sixteen GOP Senators Side With McConnell Against Trump; Ominous Rumblings in Stock Market; Republican Party Overripe for Extinction