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Aug 2017

August 6, 2017 WCR

August 7, 2017

Mueller Reportedly Has Convoked Russiagate Grand Jury in Washington DC, Escalating Probe; Subpoenas for June 2016 Collusion Meeting Thought Imminent; Transcripts of Calls With Foreign Leaders Prove Cynical Nihilism; Weakening in Polls, Trump Poses As Victim, Showing Likely Anti-Impeachment Platform for GOP in 2018 Elections; Senate Leaves Capital, But Will Conduct Pro-Forma Sessions to Block Recess Appointment of New Puppet Attorney General; Nihilist-Nativist Assault On Actual Symbols of American Nationalism, From White House to Statue of Liberty; Emma Lazarus Poem “The New Colossus” Is Fine Petrarchan Sonnet and Likely America’s Most Famous Poem; Will Liberty Bell, Golden Gate, Motherhood, and Apple Pie Be Next Alt-Right Targets?