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Jul 2017

June 15, 2017 WCR

July 17, 2017

Russian Counter-Intelligence Veteran Attended June 2016 Trump Campaign Oppo Meeting Set Up By Smoking Gun Emails; GOP Reeling After Breaking of Siegfried Line of Russiagate Denials; Tidal Wave of Leaks Reflects Escalating Conflict Among Members of White House Inner Circle; Beware Kremlin-Assisted Diversionary Counterattacks Disguised as Exposés of Iraq WMD and Other CIA Operations; McConnell’s Latest Trumpcare Savagery Includes Even More Killer Cuts to Medicaid, Plus Cruz Fraud of Fake Insurance; Collins and Paul Say They’re Opposed; Pressure Urgently Needed on Murkowski, Portman, Heller, Lee, and Capito To Vote No This Week