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Jul 2017

June 1, 2017 WCR

July 2, 2017

More Indications Trump Backers Colluded With Russian Hackers to Subvert 2016 Election; U.S. Declaration of Independence Condemned Tyranny of George III, Citing “Obstructing the Laws for Naturalization Of Foreigners”; “Obstructing the Administration of Justice”; Imposing “Jurisdiction Foreign to Our Constitution” Using “Pretended Legislation” and “Foreign Mercenaries”; American Revolution Started in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, August 15, 1774; Celebrating the Birthday of G.W. Leibniz: Among Greatest Minds of Second Millennium: Inventor of Computers, Calculus, and Steam Engine, and Inspiration For Classic American Optimism, Born July 1, 1646; His Opponent Voltaire a Scurrilous Venetian Asset; The Key Role of Antonio Conti of Venice, the Original for Senator Pococurante in Candide