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Jun 2017

June 10, 2017 WCR

June 11, 2017

Comey Testimony Viewed by Tens of Millions; Scathing Indictment of President Is Historic Watershed; White House Lawyers Threaten Complaint Against Comey As Leaker; In Foolhardy Gesture, Trump Pledges to Testify Under Oath About Obstruction of Justice; British Voters Reject Brutal Tory Austerity and Hard Brexit; Theresa May’s Majority Gone as Labour Gains 31 Seats; Hung Parliament Means No Party Has Majority; May Attempts to Cling to Power With Votes from Ulster Unionists, Who Want Soft Border With Ireland; Scottish Secessionists Lose Big, While Farage’s Europhobic UKIP is Wiped Out; Bannon’s International Subversion Strategy in Ruins; Recalling Hamilton’s Federalist 65, Which Describes Impeachment as Response to “Misconduct of Public Men” and “Injuries Done Immediately to Society Itself,” Not Narrow Statutory Crimes; Free Reality Winner!