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May 2017

May 13, 2017 WCR

May 14, 2017

Constitutional Crisis Deepens As Neo-Nixonian White House Refuses To Deny Taping Conversations with Comey and Others; End to Daily White House Press Briefings Threatened; Alexandria Grand Jury Joins Senate Intelligence Committee in Issuing Subpoenas for Documents From Flynn and Associates; Comey Backers Say Trump Invited FBI Chief to White House to Extort Pledge of Personal Loyalty; Will Deputy AG Rosenstein Play Bork, or Will He Name Special Prosecutor?; Merci La France: Thanks to French People for Breaking Nihilist Wave; Perils of Taping: Smoking Gun Tape of August 5, 1974 Proving Obstruction of Justice Triggered Nixon’s Resignation Four Days Later; Recalling Lawrence Walsh, the Flushing High School Graduate Who Became a Profile in Non-Partisan Courage in Ike’s DOJ and as Iran-Contra Special Prosecutor (1986-1993)