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May 2017

May 6, 2017 WCR

May 7, 2017

In Seismic Political Shift, Twenty House GOP Incumbents Have Their Re-Election Chances Downgraded After Voting For Trumpcare; Democrats’ Chances to Flip House Increasing; Widely Reviled Bill Seen As Job-Killer for Republicans; Pelosi Rejects Medicare for All as Key Plank for 2020 Platform; Comedian Bill Maher Urges Democrats to “Ease Up on Identity Politics”; In French Election, Macron Pulls Further Ahead of Le Pen After Last Debate, 63-37%; Kremlin-Backed Hackers Launch Feeble Attempt to Stampede Voters With Mass of Nondescript Emails From Macron Campaign; French Press Sees Propagation of Macron Leaks by “Fachosphere” of U.S. Alt-Right; Move is Destined to Augment Momentum of Russiagate Probe in Washington on Eve of Sally Yates Senate Testimony on Monday