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Apr 2017

April 29, 2017 WCR

April 30, 2017

Trump’s Reckless Quips About “Major, Major Conflict” With North Korea Reek of Wag the Dog Tactics; Are Bizarre Demands for $1 Billion for THAAD and Bilateral Trade Pact Revision Intended to Sabotage US Alliance With South Korea, Appeasing China’s Xi By Pushing Seoul Into Neutrality?; Economic Boycotts By Beijing to Keep South Korea Defenseless Against DPRK Missiles Are Unfriendly Act of Hegemonism; For War Avoidance, Direct Talks with Pyongyang and More ABM Deployments (THAAD, Patriot, Aegis) Must Start At Once; Trumpcare Fails Again in Congress, While Extortion Against Sanctuary Cities is Frozen By Court; After 100 Days, Loss of 7% Support Suggests a One-Term Presidency