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Mar 2017

March 11, 2017 WCR

March 13, 2017

Over 15 Million Americans Will Be Stripped of Medical Insurance By Ryan Plan, Forecasts Brookings Institution; Republican Freezing and Capping of Medicaid Would Devastate Program that Pays for Half of U.S. Births and Long-Term Care, Says Former Medicare-Medicaid Director Slavitt; Medicare Trust Fund Would Be Left in Crisis and Defenseless Against Next GOP Attack; Ryan’s AHCA Is Massive Tax Windfall for “Unpopular” Cartels and Wealthy Rent-Seekers, Resulting In Upward Income Redistribution from Modest Earners to the Affluent; Chinese and Russian Arguments Against THAAD Anti-Missile Defense for South Korea are Without Merit; Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Calls on Ryan to Raise Debt Limit, Implements “Extraordinary Measures” to Stave Off Catastrophic U.S. Default; White House Must Invoke Fourteenth Amendment, Which Makes National Bankruptcy Illegal