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Jan 2017

January 30, 2017

January 31, 2017

Ban on U.S. Entry by Nationals of Seven Majority Moslem Countries Widely Rejected at Home and Abroad; Merkel Demands U.S. Live Up to Geneva Refugee Agreement; Iran and Iraq Prepare To Retaliate With Reciprocal Measures; Over 100 State Department Officials Support Statement of Dissent; Mass Protests Multiply at Airports and Cities Across America as Opponents Go to Court; Measure May Seek to Mask Widespread Fear of Repealing Obamacare With No Replacement Revealed by GOP Politicians at Last Week’s Philadelphia Retreat; Tuesday January 31 Is Next Deadline for Buying Into Obamacare and Staking a Claim for Future Benefits; Ideologue Bannon Gets Permanent Seat on National Security Council as Chair of Joint Chiefs and Director of National Intelligence Are Demoted; Trump and Saudi King Salman Advocate “Safe Zones” in Syria and Yemen, Vow to Oppose Iran