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Jan 2017

January 19, 2017

January 20, 2017

Senate Democrats Signal Inauguration Day Confirmation of Mattis for Pentagon and Kelly for Homeland Security; Momentum Builds for Saturday Women’s March; Mortgage Banker Mnuchin, Tapped for Treasury, Defends His Foreclosure Policies; U.S. to Attend Astana Conference on Syria January 23; Perils of Populism: The 1971 Nixon-Connally Demolition of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods System, Packaged as a U.S. Defense Against Foreign Profiteers, Still Plagues World Economy Today; Bretton Woods Was Crowning International Achievement of New Deal; Nixon’s Folly Cut World Growth Rate from A Robust 5% to A Stagnant 2.5%, Introduced Currency Risk and Demand for Derivatives via Floating Rate Chaos, Leading to Creation of Euro