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Jan 2017

January 16, 2017

January 17, 2017

Obama in Review: President Gets Much Credit for Not Starting New Wars in Second Term after 2011 Libyan Debacle; He Never Promised to Bomb Syria if Chemical Weapons Red Line Were Crossed; Slow Recovery from World Derivatives Panic of 2008 Looks Good Compared to Great Fear In Months After Collapse of Lehman Brothers; 2009 Stimulus Flawed But Helped Steer Clear of the Abyss; Obama’s Tragic Mirage of Bipartisan Cooperation with Republicans Was Supposed to Appeal to Fussy “Independents,” But Has Led to Crippling Unilateral Concessions to the GOP; Affordable Care Act Needed a Strong Public Option in the Form of Medicare for All; Obamacare Now at the Mercy of Private Insurance Companies; Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Who Died Seeking to Unite Civil Rights, Anti-War, and Labor Movements Into a Force Capable of Contending for Power