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Jan 2017

January 3, 2017

January 4, 2017

House Vote to Dismantle Ethics Office Represents Tea Party Rebellion Against Ryan; In Awkward Reversal, Measure Is Quickly Taken Back After Deluge of Phone Calls from Irate Voters and Critical Tweets from Trump; Ryan Elected as Speaker 239-189 Over Pelosi As Democrats Decry Threats to Speech and Debate Clause and Warn of Assault on Obamacare; Ford Cancels New Plant in Mexico Due To Low Demand for Cars; Electoral Votes to Be Counted on Friday; Schumer Wants Full Hearings and Critical Witnesses for Eight Key Cabinet Nominees Including Tillerson, Sessions, Price, and Puzder; Newly Discovered Notes from White House Aide H.R. Haldeman Show Richard Nixon Deliberately Sabotaged President Johnson’s Pre-Election Peace Negotiations with North Vietnam in October 1968; Additional Years of War Cost U.S. Over 20,000 Additional War Dead

A Wonderful "Twelfth Night" Cake!