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Dec 2016

December 24, 2016

December 25, 2016

A Bout of Nuclear Rocket Rattling in East and West; In UN Security Council, U.S. Abstains on Vote to Condemn Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Territories, Which Passes 14-0; Berlin Christmas Market Suspect Killed by Police Near Milan, Italy After Passing Through France; Amri Had Landed at Italian Island of Lampedusa in 2011; Convicted of Arson, He Spent Four Years in Italian Jails; German Police Allegedly Did Not Find His ID Until 48 Hours After Slaughter; Berlin Officials Knew of Amri’s Contacts with an ISIS Recruiter; Morocco Had Warned Berlin Amri was Preparing Attack; Entire Story is Beyond Belief, with Evidence Strongly Suggesting That Incident Was Designed to Destabilize Merkel; Reading for the Season: Thomas Sackville’s 1563 “Induction” to the Mirror for Magistrates; Holiday Wishes for Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards All People