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Dec 2016

December 17, 2016

December 20, 2016

Aleppo Evacuation Proceeding by Fits and Starts; Many Refugees Tragically Headed Back Into War Zone in Idlib, Which Is Still Held By Terrorist Rebels; Gulf Monarchies Vow Syria Conflict Will Continue; Three More War Dangers for 2017: Iran, China, and Israel-Palestine; Beijing Rashly Seizes US Submersible in International Waters; German Intelligence Blames Russia in Internet Disruptions; With 4,000 NATO Troops in Defensive Deployments Coexisting With 330,000 Russian Forces, Buildup in Eastern Europe is Not Massive, But Symbolic; Baltic Politicians Should Cool It; War-Avoidance Solution Is UN-Backed International Treaty to Simultaneously Ban Color Revolutions and Hybrid Warfare in Favor of UN Charter’s Rule of Non-Interference in Internal Affairs of Sovereign States