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Dec 2016

December 7, 2016

December 8, 2016

Only True Humanitarian Policy for Aleppo Is Not Yet Another Truce, But Rather Final Liberation of City from Terrorist Rebels and End of Syrian War; Misguided Humanitarian Proposals Will Only Prolong Conflict; Lavrov and Kerry Should Arrange Speedy Departure of Rebels from City; In Iraq, Mosul Now Completely Encircled by anti-ISIS Forces; On Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack, Defending Franklin D. Roosevelt From Absurd Partisan Claims that He Provoked Japan or Kept Hawaii Commanders in the Dark; Heraclitus Presides Over Political Life, Where Shifting Coalitions and Alliances Often Occur; Avoid Relativism by Keeping Great Issues of Human Progress, Not Contingent Personalities, Steadily in Focus