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Dec 2016

December 5, 2016

December 6, 2016

Italian Voters Reject Renzi’s Dubious Constitutional Reform in Referendum; Rollback of Monti’s Brutal Austerity and Renzi’s Anti-Worker Measures Is Real Issue; Beppe Grillo Forces Want Power Grab, But Offer No Reliable Alternative; Lesson is that Mere Process Reforms Cannot Gain Mass Traction; In Austria, Van der Bellen Win Over Hofer Shows That Robust Negative Campaigning Can Indeed Be Effective; After Months of Provocative Actions and Diplomatic Affronts to U.S., China Proves Hypersensitive About Taiwan; “Pizzagate” Campaign of Mass Distraction Erupts into Shooting in NW Washington DC Neighborhood; Time to ask yourself what you are not paying attention to?