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Nov 2016

November 24, 2016

November 25, 2016

Wall Street Democrats in Retreat, But Sanders-Warren Wing Needs a Program; Exclusive Emphasis on Multicultural Identity Politics (aka “Political Correctness”) is Preventing Democratic Party from Formulating the Mass Traction, Class-Based, Anti-Austerity Economic Demands Needed to Rebuild a Functioning FDR-Style National Coalition Capable of Winning Elections; Diversity is Indispensable, But Not Sufficient: Black Jobs Matter!; Hillary’s “Stronger Together” Slogan was Vague and Feckless; “Free College” or “$15 Minimum Wage Now” Could Have Won the Election; Two Thirds Decline in U.S. Standard of Living Since 1971 is Root of Many Evils and Must Be Remedied; Free Universal Compulsory Quality Education is An Essential Building Block of the American System

Best Wishes for the Thanksgiving Holiday