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Nov 2016

November 21, 2016

November 22, 2016

Former French Prime Minister Fillon Leads in First Round of Rightist Primary With Program of 48-Hour Work Week (Up from 35 Now), Late Retirement, Firing 500,000 Government Workers, Higher Taxes, More Prisons; This is Confirmation of Worldwide Tendency of Finance Capital to Ratchet Down Wages and Living Standards; With U.S. in Eclipse, Could Angela Merkel Assume Leadership of the Western World?; Precedents Include Watergate-Era Brandt-Brezhnev Deal of 1973, Schmidt-Giscard Axis of Resistance Against Unpredictable Carter-Brzezinski Duo; British-Chinese Alliance Now a Year Old, Could be Most Formidable Bid for World Power; British Intelligence Hyperactive, Especially in Washington