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Nov 2016

November 19, 2016

November 20, 2016

Iran Nuclear Deal is Key to Peace in Coming Years and Must Be Maintained; Many Trillions in Modern U.S. Infrastructure on WPA/PWA Model Needed Immediately, Paid for by 0% Century Bonds Bought by the Federal Reserve; Financial Deregulation Will Lead to Another Asset Bubble Like 2007-2008; Practical Test for Rapprochement with Russia Remains Creation of Joint Integration Group to Coordinate Russian and US Attacks on ISIS and al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria; “Almost Collision” of Aircraft Shows Urgency of Superpower Cooperation; Memo to Identity Liberals of Democratic Party: Defense of Representative Government Requires Full Employment With 40 Million New Jobs for All Americans; No to GOP Privatization of the Social Safety Net or Government Agencies; Remembering Lincoln, Seward, Tsar Alexander II and the Russian Role in Thanksgiving; Get Briefed Here to be Prepared for Those Arguments Around the Thanksgiving Table!