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Nov 2016

November 2, 2016

November 3, 2016

Barrage of Anti-Clinton Leaks From FBI Poses Question: Will Americans Allow Secret Police to Choose the Next President?; Obama Rebukes Comey; How Spooks Have Meddled in Elections, From Benghazi 2012 to Comey 2016; GOP House Leader Ryan Has Vowed to Privatize Social Security, Lowering Benefits; Pence Demands Destruction of Obamacare, But Has No Substitute for 23 Million Insured; Hybrid Poll Using Opinion Survey Plus Early Voting Shows Hillary Leading by 8% in Florida Thanks to 28% of Votes from Registered Republicans; Objective Survey Using Gas Price, Family Income, Home Prices While Ignoring Candidates and Personalities Gives Incumbent Party (i.e. Hillary) Victory with 332 Electoral Votes; Your Right to Vote: Use It Or Lose It!