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Nov 2016

November 1, 2016

November 2, 2016

Iraqi Forces Fighting ISIS inside Mosul, Refuting GOP’s Desperate Defeatist Demagogy; “Constitutional Crisis”? GOP is Fomenting Three: Rebellion in FBI, Withering Away of Supreme Court, and Military Backlash Against Illegal Orders; New York Times Splits: One Group Tries to Absolve GOP Nominee of Complicity with Russian Dark Forces, While Another Exposes Trump Tax Maneuvers; Eichenwald, Farenthold, Gabriel Sherman, Barstow et al. Rendering Yeoman Service to U.S. as Muckrakers; CNN’s Critique of Donna Brazile a Grim Joke; Comey’s Halloween Prank Failing, With Limited Impact in Polls; Congratulations to President Michel Aoun of Lebanon, Who Is Uniting Christians and Shiites to Rescue His Long-Suffering Country