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Oct 2016

October 15, 2016

October 15, 2016
Democrats Must Use Last Debate to Showcase Mass Traction Anti-Austerity Economic Reforms to Close Deal with Working People and Millennials; Obama’s Friday NSC Meeting Mandates More Talks on Syria in Multilateral Format; Saturday Talks in Lausanne Seen as Constructive, Joined by Lavrov, Kerry, de Mistura of UN, and Seven Regional Foreign Ministers, Who Issue Pledge to Re-Convene; Absurd Saga of CIA’s Planned Cyber-Retaliation Against Putin Hyped by NBC News; Obama Has Never Approved It; If This is a Pre-Election Stunt, the Potential Damage is Far Too Great; Media Circus Could Also Aim at Forcing President into Reckless Offensive Action; Morally Challenged GOP Nearing Total Chaos with Continuous Scandals and Internal Polemics, Defections From National Ticket By Desperate Down-Ballot Candidates, Discrediting of Evangelical Leaders, Schisms by College Republicans, Shuttle and Pendulum Candidates, plus Warning by Missile Launch Officers