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Jun 2020

June 27, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

June 27, 2020

At This Disastrous Pace, How Long Can Trump Stay in Office?

US Jobless Now Well Over 50 Million After 1.5 Initial Insurance Claims Last Week; GDP Drops at 5% Rate in First Quarter, with Worse to Come; Day of Reckoning Approaches by End of July: As CARES Act Begins to Expire, 12 Million Workers Are Threatened by Plunge into Abject Poverty; Moscow Mitch Must Pass Pelosi’s HEROES Act to Fund State Budgets and New Round of Cash Support for Families; Large Pork Sales to China Trigger 40% Increase in Meat Prices for US Consumer;

Trump Regime Confirms Support for Insane Lawsuit at Supreme Court Trying to Terminate Both Obamacare and Protections of Affordable Care Act, Including Ban on Discrimination against Pre-Existing Conditions and Ten Essential Medical Benefits; 

After America’s Worst Day of Spread in Current Pandemic, Trump Stooges Abbot of Texas and De Santis of Florida, Who Led Charge for Overhasty Re-Openings, Return to Restrictions in Two Biggest Republican States; Five O’Clock Follies Back in Town, With Pence Preaching “Do As We Say, Not as We Do” on Masks and Pledging Free Speech and Assembly, Just Not in Lafayette Park; 

Breaking: Shocked by Backlash in GOP, Trump Offers 2-Week Delay in Funding Cut for Testing Centers in Texas, But Will Still Slash Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, and Battleground Pennsylvania by June 30; Feds Are Reportedly Hoarding $14 Billion Earmarked for Testing; Federal Appeals Court Again Stops Trump from Looting Pentagon Budget to Build His Border Wall;