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Apr 2020

April 11, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

April 11, 2020

Bill Maher Launches Powerful Polemic Against Absurd PC Taboo On Naming Wuhan Wet Markets And Chinese Communist Party (CCP) As Responsible For Pandemic; Diseases Are Named According To Their Geographic Origins, But Not This Time?; Alliance Of Beijing With PC Police In West Pushes Orwellian Campaign By Xi & Co. To Suppress Obvious Truth; Maher Quips: “Viruses Come From South China Like Shortstops Come From Dominican Republic”; No Racism: Republic Of China On Taiwan, Hong Kong And Singapore Are Examples Of Effective Response; No Coincidence That Trump’s First Post-Sanders Ad Targets Biden As Soft On Beijing, Showing Dems Need Strong Position On China Issue To Defeat Don; Fauci Demands Closure Of Communist Chinese Wet Markets As Incubators Of Pandemics Over Recent Decades;

US Pandemic Death Toll Exceeds 20,000 And Is Now World’s Highest, Surpassing Italy; Trump Still Hijacking White House Gaslighting Briefings To Demand Adulation For His Malfeasance; With Biden Now The Democratic Presidential Nominee, Networks Must Provide Equal Time For Biden; Backlash Against Deadly Rush To Re-Open Is Emerging Across Society; General Strike In Form Of Anti-Trump Home Sit-In Looms;

Easter In The Shadow Of Dictatorship As Trump Blocks Emergency Support For US Postal Service In Bid To Prevent Mail-In Ballots;

The Medieval Latin Hymn Stabat Mater From Palestrina To Hayden To Poulenc As Case Study In History Of Classical Music;

Happy Easter To Listeners And Friends Of This Broadcast!