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Mar 2018

March 29, 2018

Murder at DuPont Circle!

Mueller Filings Allege Trump Campaign Link to Russian GRU Spy Agency, Mother of Guccifer 2.0 and Fancy Bear; Did Dowd Obstruct Justice By Dangling Pardons?; Stop Trump’s Privatization of the Veterans’ Administration; A Mirror for Putin: Stalin’s Failures of 1948 As Model for Russian Overreaching, When Prague Coup Triggered Congressional Approval of Marshall Plan, Backlash in Italy and France, and Defense Buildup in West; Stalin’s 1948-1949 Berlin Blockade Forced Unity of U.S., Britain, France with West Germany; The Entropic Cosmology of Stephen Hawking

Mar 2018

March 28, 2018

Coming Middle East War Is Already Bought and Paid For!

March Visits to Washington By Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) and Embattled Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Plus Bolton Nomination and Continuing Role of Boy Wonder Kushner Set Stage for Gulf Conflagration As Iran Nuclear Accord Is Sabotaged; Kim’s Orient Express Jaunt Shows Status of North Korea as Satellite of Xi Dynasty in Beijing; Tillerson-McMaster End Run Around Trump Remains Most Plausible Background For Russian Expulsions; Supporters of Trump and Kremlin Fall Back on Dubious Scenarios

Mar 2018

March 27, 2018

America First Run By Foreigners!

Illegal Campaign Operatives From Overseas Allegedly Lied to Get U.S. Visas In 2014 To Help GOP “Win Back America”; 28 Western Countries Expel Some 141 Russian Agents Under Diplomatic Cover; Best Guess: A Parthian Shot By Tillerson and McMaster Through An End Run Around Appeaser In Oval Office; What Was Role of Macron?; Surprising Level of Cooperation Suggests an Overconfident Putin Miscalculated Chances For Countermeasures; Beware Big Stock Market Gains on Light Volume While VIX Remains High

Mar 2018

March 26, 2018

The Writing Is On The Wall For GOP!

Massive Turnout for March for Our Lives Across U.S. Is Harbinger of Republican Extinction; Middle Class Families With Children Turned Out in Droves, Many Attending First Political Demonstration of Their Lives; GOP Has Already Lost Generation Z. The Most Militant Age Cohort Since Vietnam Era; Stormy Daniels Reports Mafia-Style Threat From Stranger Telling Her to Back Off Her Trump Story; Neocon Warmonger Bolton Is Key to Emerging White House Wag the Dog Scenarios

Mar 2018

March 24, 2018 WCR


Trump’s Base Is Revolting!

Six-Month Budget Leaves Reactionary Republicans Apoplectic: No Border Wall and Big Deficit!; Strange Interlude of Friday Veto Threat Followed by Crackpot Demands for Line Item Veto and End of Filibuster; Mattis Told Him to Sign; Limbaugh Sees Trump Fleeing Back Up His Escalator as Immigration Agenda Is “Gutted” In “Nuclear Win For Swamp”; Coulter and Ingraham Expect Impeachment; Widespread Revulsion Against Neocon Warmonger Bolton; Bannon Implicated in Purloined Facebook Data; Cambridge Analytica Raided by British Police

Mar 2018

March 22, 2018

Manchurian Candidate!

Cambridge Analytica Revelations Depict Trump as Cynically Programmed Synthetic Politician Spouting Pre-Tested Marketing Slogans; Image of Scrappy Populist Outsider Was Fabricated; Monmouth Poll Shows Three Quarters of Americans Are Aware of Deep State, Making This Issue Too Big to Ignore; Right-Wing Attempts to Weaponize Concept Should Be Fought: In Reality, Deep State Put Trump in White House; FBI Must Save Anastasia Vashukevich As Potential Witness for Mueller

Mar 2018

March 21, 2018

Trump In Panicky Flight Forward as Questioning by Mueller Approaches;

White House Indignant Over Leak of “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” Instructions, But Endorses Cowardly Appeasement of Kremlin; Gen. McCaffrey Denounces Trump for Betraying Allies; Republicans Flake, Graham, Amash, Curbelo Warn That Firing Mueller Would Mean Impeachment, Beginning of the End For Current Regime; Nix Suspended As Boss of Cambridge Analytica as Calls to Grill Zuckerberg and Regulate Facebook Multiply

Mar 2018

March 20, 2018

Pro-Trump London Mind Benders Reportedly Got 50 Million Facebook Profiles Thanks To Russian Professor;

British Channel Four Broadcasts Sting Tapes of Cambridge Analytica Executives Boasting of Their Prowess in Manipulating Voters; Whistle Blower Says British Firm Pre-Tested Slogans Like “Deep State,” “Build the Wall,” and “Drain the Swamp”; Role of Foreign Company Is Probable Violation of U.S. Election Laws; Trump Adds Fox News Conspiracy Ideologue to Failing Legal Team

Mar 2018

March 19, 2018

Trump Eyes More Firings in Justice Department to Encircle Mueller;

Corporate Scribblers Portray Relaxed and Confident Trump Precisely At His Moment of Greatest Fear and Trembling; Tenant of Oval Office Faces Almost Certain Loss of House Majority and Then Impeachment; Ugliest Cultural Populism Rules, But Every Senate Vote Is Critical to Get to 34, As Shown By Tweet Ordering Tarkanian to Yield to Heller; Iran Nuclear Accord Doomed

Mar 2018

March 17, 2018 WCR


Ides of March Bring Twin Trump Disasters!

Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization Records As White House Is Forced to Join UK, France, and Germany in Condemning Russian Nerve Gas Attack in England; PA-18 Result Foreshadows GOP House Minority in November, With Acute Danger of Impeachment; Trump Seeks Defense Line Of 34 Hoodlum Senators Pledged To Stave Off Conviction and Removal; Post-Purge Cabinet and Staff Tasked With Shoring Up Extremist Base Using Policies of Greed, Hatred and Warmongering; Nihilism Rules Kremlin

Mar 2018

March 15, 2018

Trump and UK Labour Party’s Corbyn Unite to Appease Putin; NATO Sees First Chemical Attack on Alliance Territory Since 1949; Nationwide Student Strike Against School Massacres Signals GOP Has Already Lost Generation Z; When Eighth Graders March, Gun Lobby Republicans Are Doomed; Kudlow, Haspel, and Likely Bolton Nominations Show Ultra-Extremist Turn by Weakened and Discredited White House in Desperate Bid to Retain Fanatical Base; GOP Will Be Unable To Block Impeachment by House In Early 2019; Trump’s Only Hope is Saving 34 Senate Diehards to Escape Conviction and Removal

Mar 2018

March 14, 2018

Beginning of the End For GOP As Lamb Wins Pennsylvania 18;

20-Point Swing From Trump to Democrats; 110 House Seats Are Easier for Dems, Raising Prospect of GOP Congressional Wipeout; Republican Talking Points of Tax Cut, Stock Market, and Tariff Get No Traction, So Party Hacks Fall Back on Uglier Themes of Xenophobia (“Immigration”), Racism (“Crime in the Streets”), and the Eternal “Pelosi”; Quick British Retaliation for Attempted Murder of Russian Émigré and Daughter Emphasizes Cowardice of Trump Appeasement Regime

Mar 2018

March 13, 2018

The Moron’s Revenge Hits Tillerson!

Top U.S. Diplomat Comeyed After His Last Plane Ride Home; His Deputy Goldstein Sacked For Contradicting White House Story; Winner Is Pompeo, Tea Party Extremist From Koch Kansas Plantation Intent on Junking Iran Nuclear Accord; New CIA Boss Is Gina Haspel, Who Has Issues With Torture, Renditions, and Black Sites; Don’s Body Man Reportedly Implicated in Financial Violations; Weakness and Loss of Allies Foster Wild Man Profile; More Departures Imminent

Mar 2018

March 12, 2018

How Texas Democrats Decided To Make the Fed Pay For Education, Jobs, and Infrastructure!

Class-Based Economic Demands as Common Denominator to Unify Identity Groups; Shorn of Allies and Enablers, Trump Reverts to Wild Man Profile As Kelly, McMaster, Ivanka, Kushner Move Towards Exit; In Era of Opioid Epidemic, Death Penalty For Drug Pushers Would Spur Fascistization of Society; Tax Wall Street Party Supports Conor Lamb For Congress in Tuesday’s Special Election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District

Mar 2018

March 10, 2018 WCR


Texas Democrats Demand Federal Reserve Resolve Student Loan Crisis and Provide Job Creation in Infrastructure Through Cheap, Long-Term Federal Credit; Trump-Kim-Moon Summit Becoming Less Likely; De-Nuclearization of North Korea Is Pure Utopia, But Fiasco Could Propel Irascible Don Towards Nuclear Confrontation; U.S. Must Have Orbital Lasers for ABM Defense!; British Gold Default of September 1931, Not Hawley-Smoot Tariff of 1930, Was Main Factor in Great Depression; Despite GOP Doublethink, Deep State Exists and Backed Trump; Proposed Tariffs Have Limited Impact Due To Insane Obsession With De-Regulation; Secretary of State Dean Acheson’s Bitter Warning After Summits With His Unstable Puppet Harry Truman: When The Head of State Fumbles, the Goal Line is Wide Open Behind Him

Mar 2018

March 8, 2018

Still No Answer From Trump to Putin’s Rocket Rattling as Appeasement Rules White House; Russian President Uses Bluster to Paper Over Domestic Tensions Like His Predecessor N.S. Khrushchev; KGB Col. Skripal and Daughter Poisoned in U.K. by Nerve Agent; Is Incident Linked to Russiagate?; Deep State Exists and Put Trump in White House: Christopher Steele of British Intelligence Tried to Break Open Russiagate Collusion Story But Was Blocked by Pro-Trump Factions in Comey’s FBI and U.S. Corporate Media Who Refused to Publicize His Blockbuster Findings During Summer-Fall 2016

Mar 2018

March 7, 2018

93% of Texas Democratic Primary Voters Demand Federal Reserve Provide Cheap, Long-Term Federal Credit to Refinance Student Loan Debt at 0% And Fund National Infrastructure and Job Creation; Medicare for All Gets 95% Support; 9-Day Wildcat Strike by West Virginia Teachers Wins 5% Pay Hike From GOP Governor and Legislature After Decades of Neglect; Will Oklahoma and Arizona Be Next?; Schumer: Claw Back $1 Trillion From GOP Tax Bonanza For Rich To Create 15 Million Jobs in Urgent Public Works; Sessions Attack on Sanctuary Cities and States Is Modern Version of 1850s Fugitive Slave Law

Mar 2018

March 6, 2018

Are Russia and China Prodding North Korea to Open Talks With U.S. to Undercut Momentum for Strategic Defense Against Ballistic Missiles?; Nunberg Suspects Trump Did “Something” During 2016 Election, Says Mueller Team’s Questions Focused on Don’s Business Dealings; Deep State Exists and Helped Trump Take White House: Contrary to Grotesque Distortions by Nunes, Grassley, Graham, and Reactionary Propaganda Mills, New Material Shows That -- Despite Clear and Convincing Evidence -- Comey’s FBI Dragged Its Feet on Probing Russian Aid to Trump When It Could Have Been Stopped

Mar 2018

March 5, 2018

U.S. Strategic Defense Against Ballistic Missiles Expanding Beyond Rogue State Threats to Include Russian and Chinese Deployments; Need Full Manhattan Project to Deploy Orbital Lasers to Deal With Any Aggressor; Italian Election Results in Chaos and Ungovernability; In Fit Of Rage, Trump Talks Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum, Disrupting Alliances and Benefiting Moscow and Beijing; Cheap Federal Credit From Nationalized Fed Is Best Help for Full-Set Economy; Cable Television Pundits Rely on Confederate Free Trade Arguments; But Lincoln Showed Orderly Tariffs Lead to Lower Prices

Mar 2018

March 3, 2018 WCR


Putin Threatens U.S. With New Offensive Attack Weapons Including ICBM, Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile, and Nuclear Torpedo; Reveals Kremlin’s Greatest Fear Is Effective U.S. Strategic Anti-Missile Defense; American Response Must Be Crash Program For Defensive Orbital Lasers As Basis For Successful War Avoidance; Appeaser Trump Is Silent; Alt-Left Ideologues Belittle Threats; Wray and Rogers Say Trump Has Done Nothing To Protect 2018 Election; Mattis, Kelly, and McMaster Should Recall Napoleon’s Maxim That Dissenting Generals Should Resign Rather Than Become Instruments Of The Downfall Of The Army; King Lear On The Heath As Model For Trump In DC Northeaster Ending Week Of Chaos

Mar 2018

March 1, 2018

Disintegration of Trump Regime Accelerates With Departure of McMaster; Mueller Said to Personally Target Trump With Classic Watergate Question of What Did President Know and When Did He Know It Concerning Stolen DNC Emails; Don Triggers Chaos Among Duped Base With Desperate Evasive Actions On Gun Control; Theresa May Government in UK Also On Brink of Collapse As Brexit Rollback Gains in Parliament; Trump Cowers In Full Appeasement Mode With FBI’s Wray and NSA’s Rogers Reporting They Have Received No Orders to Stop Russian Election Meddling; Machiavelli: Appeasement Never Works

Mar 2018

February 28, 2018

Is Trump Regime Breaking Up?: No More State Secrets For Kushner; Jarvanka Exit May Loom; What Did Trump Know About Stolen DNC Emails?; China, Israel, UAE, Mexico Said to Eye Exploiting Kushner’s Need for Massive Cash Infusion; Hope Hicks Grilled For Nine Hours, Tries to Stonewall Citing “White Lies,” Then Quits; Mueller Probes Trump Business Ties to Russian Oligarchs in Years Before White House Run; Xi Now China’s Dictator For Life With Program of Exporting New Model of Cyber-Based “Social Credit” Totalitarianism; Belt and Road a Warmed-Over Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere